Understanding communication breakdown in the outpatient referral process in Latin America : A cross-sectional study on the use of clinical correspondence in public healthcare networks of six countries

An adequate use of referral and reply letters - the main form of communication between primary care (PC) and out-patient secondary care (SC) - helps to avoid medical errors, test duplications and delays in diagnosis. However, it has been little studied to date in Latin America. The aim is to determi...

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Autores Principales: Vargas, Ingrid, Garcia-Subirats, Irene, Mogollón-Pérez, Amparo-Susana, Ferreira-de-Medeiros-Mendes, Marina, Eguiguren, Pamela, Cisneros, Angelica-Ivonne, Muruaga, María-Cecilia, Bertolotto, Fernando, Vázquez, María-Luisa
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Publicado: 2018
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