Structure-function analysis and therapeutic efficacy of antibodies to fungal melanin for melanoma radioimmunotherapy

Metastatic melanoma remains difficult to treat despite recent approvals of several new drugs. Recently we reported encouraging results of Phase I clinical trial of radiolabeled with 188Re murine monoclonal IgM 6D2 to melanin in patients with Stage III/IV melanoma. Subsequently we generated a novel m...

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Autores Principales: nosanchuk, josh, Revskaya, E., Jiang, Z., Bryan, R. A., Jiao, R., Malo, M. E., Gómez, B. L., Morgenstern, A., Bruchertseifer, F., Rickles, D., Thornton, G. B., Bowen, A., Casadevall, A., Dadachova, E.
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Publicado: 2018
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