Construct validity and test-retest reliability of the International Fitness Scale (IFIS) in Colombian children and adolescents aged 9-17.9 years : The FUPRECOL study

Background. There is a lack of instruments and studies written in Spanish evaluating physical fitness, impeding the determination of the current status of this important health indicator in the Latin population, especially in Colombia. The aim of the study was two-fold: to examine the validity of th...

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Autores Principales: Ramírez-Vélez, Robinson, Cruz-Salazar, Sandra Milena, Martínez, Myriam, Cadore, Eduardo L., Alonso-Martinez, Alicia M., Correa Bautista, Jorge Enrique, Izquierdo, Mikel, Ortega-Hurtado, Francisco-Fernando, García-Hermoso, Antonio
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Publicado: 2017
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