Severe South American ocular toxoplasmosis is associated with decreased Ifn-γ/Il-17a and increased Il-6/Il-13 intraocular levels

In a cross sectional study, 19 French and 23 Colombian cases of confirmed active ocular toxoplasmosis (OT) were evaluated. The objective was to compare clinical, parasitological and immunological responses and relate them to the infecting strains. A complete ocular examination was performed in each...

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Autores Principales: de-la-Torre, Alejandra, Sauer, Arnaud, Pfaff, Alexander W., Bourcier, Tristan, Brunet, Julie, Speeg-Schatz, Claude, Ballonzoli, Laurent, Villard, Odile, Ajzenberg, Daniel, Sundar, Natarajan, Grigg, Michael E., Gomez-Marin, Jorge E., Candolfi, Ermanno
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Publicado: 2013
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