Development of peptide-based lineage-specific serology for chronic Chagas disease : Geographical and clinical distribution of epitope recognition

Background:Chagas disease, caused by infection with the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi, remains a serious public health issue in Latin America. Genetically diverse, the species is sub-divided into six lineages, known as TcI-TcVI, which have disparate geographical and ecological distributions. TcII, TcV...

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Autores Principales: Bhattacharyya, Tapan, Falconar, Andrew K., Luquetti, Alejandro O., Costales, Jaime A., Grijalva, Mario J., Lewis, Michael D., Messenger, Louisa A., Tran, Trang T., Ramírez, Juan David, Guhl, Felipe, Carrasco, Hernan J., Diosque, Patricio, Garcia, Lineth, Litvinov, Sergey V., Miles, Michael A.
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Publicado: 2014
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