In vitro and in vivo studies for assessing the immune response and protection-inducing ability conferred by Fasciola hepatica-derived synthetic peptides containing B- and T-cell epitopes

Fasciolosis is considered the most widespread trematode disease affecting grazing animals around the world; it is currently recognised by the World Health Organisation as an emergent human pathogen. Triclabendazole is still the most effective drug against this disease; however, resistant strains hav...

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Autores Principales: Rojas-Caraballo, Jose, López-Abán, Julio, Pérez del Villa, Luis, Vizcaíno, Carolina, Vicente, Belén, Fernández-Soto, Pedro, del Olmo, Esther, Alfonso Patarroyo, Manuel, Muro, Antonio
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Publicado: 2014
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