Retention and delayed extinction of an instrumental task in the toad Rhinella arenarum. Effect of the overtraining

Amphibians and mammals share common basic mechanisms for associative learning. However, it has been observed that certain reinforcement paradigms produce opposite results. For example, increasing the number of reinforced trials during acquisition (Overtraining) improves mammals’ extinction and impai...

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Autores Principales: Muzio, Rubén Néstor, Puddington, Martín Miguel, Papini, Mauricio Roberto
Otros Autores: This research was funded in part by Grant UBACYT-P293BA from the University of Buenos Aires, by Grant PIP 0893 from the CONICET and by Grant PICT 2243 from FONCYT, Argentina, all directed by RNM.
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Publicado: Universidad del Rosario 2017
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