Electronic structure and magnetism of Mn-doped GaSb for spintronic applications: A DFT study

We have carried out first-principles spin polarized calculations to obtain comprehensive information regarding the structural, magnetic, and electronic properties of the Mn-doped GaSb compound with dopant concentrations: x¼0.062, 0.083, 0.125, 0.25, and 0.50. The plane-wave pseudopotential method wa...

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Autores Principales: Mesa, Fredy, Seña, N., Dussan, Anderson, Castaño, E., González-Hernández, R.
Otros Autores: NanoTech
Formato: Documento de trabajo (Working Paper)
Lenguaje:Inglés (English)
Publicado: 2016
Acceso en línea:http://repository.urosario.edu.co/handle/10336/12563