Effects of 17β-estradiol and tamoxifen on the induction of chromosomal abnormalities and on the expression of her2 gene in breast cancer cell lines

This study covers an area of great importance in the research of breast cancer, related to the study of the effects of both estrogens (E2) and anti-estrogens (Tamoxifen) on chromosomes and of modulation of gene expression. Considering that breast cancer is a very heterogeneous disease and that patie...

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Autor Principal: Rondón Lagos, Sandra Milena
Otros Autores: Sapino, Anna
Formato: Tesis de doctorado (Doctoral Thesis)
Lenguaje:Español (Spanish)
Publicado: Universidad del Rosario 2014
Acceso en línea:http://repository.urosario.edu.co/handle/10336/10215